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Jiyyo is Inter-connecting Healthcare Providers (Doctors/Hospitals/Labs) to show providers to showcase their Expertise, Specialities and Facilities on their online profile.

Jiyyo makes this information discoverable to any user in need.

  • Customizable online profile for providers
  • Easy Transparent and Trackable Referral system for collaboration among providers.

For Healthcare Providers (Doctors/Hospitals/Labs) Jiyyo is one stop shop for online profile, practice management.

For general public its place where they can search and find the right healthcare providers in their neighborhood.

We work very hard to make all this data available to you. Our passionate users who recognize the need for easily available information tell us about their experience. We also work with Hospitals/Laboratories/Chemists to get their offerings and prices.

Jiyyo aims to provide a free online platform for healthcare providers to showcase their Expertise, Specialities and Facilities on their online profile.

Jiyyo is free of cost for them to maintain their online profile by themselves including the fee of their services.

We also recognize that there is no easy way for a patient to figure out pricing information for most of the medical procedures, devices, tests, medicines. We ourselves have gone through it. When dealing with a medical emergency you wouldn't want to call several hospitals and check on the cost of treatment. You can straightway ask Jiyyo and get the best treatment at best prices near you.

A Data Scientist, a Doctor, an App Designer and few awesome Software Engineers are pooling their skills together to create a powerful information exchange platform for anyone seeking information about medical products and services.
Currently, we are servicing 10 Indian cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Pune, Hyderabad & Jaipur. We, aggressively, plan to cover the entire country in next several months.
Yes, look for the 'Contact Us' option on our mobile app and/or website. We look forward to talk to you.