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Jiyyo provides online presence to doctors for mass outreach

  • Incredibly effective online awareness to reach patients.
  • Creates a profile that easily introduces your medical practice to patients.
  • Effectively generate positive review.
  • Effective online Google ads to bring leads to doctors.
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Jiyyo is the best promotional platform for hospitals

  • We make you brand.
  • Identify and target likely candidates for your organization’s healthcare services using data and analytics.
  • Save time and staff.
  • Increase in-network volume and revenue in your physician network with Business Intelligence & analytics.
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Jiyyo provides the best online promotional platform for labs

  • We promote your labs so that maximum patients can benefit from your services.
  • Advertise all the premium & exclusive medical services of your laboratory.
  • We can help in tie ups with Corporate and Institutions for long term benefits
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An all-in-one promotional solution for your pharmacy

  • Engage your pharmacy patients with Smarter Email Marketing.
  • Grow your sale with us.
  • Effectively generate positive review.
  • Patients (even the older ones) are looking for health information online most quickly and conveniently.
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