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Adverse reactions to food are toxic or non-toxic as per the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI). Toxic food reactions (food poisoning) are experienced by practically all individuals. Non toxic food reactions are subclassified into immune mediated reactions (food allergy) and non-immune mediated reactions (food intolerance). Food allergies can be IgE or non IgE mediated of which the majority are IgE mediated reactions. These reactions may occur in any part of the body distant from the gastrointestinal tract even though the food allergens are absorbed in the intestine. Non-IgE mediated food allergies can be caused by milk, soy, egg, pork and food additives All foods can potentially cause IgE mediated food allergy, but the most common are : · In children - egg white, milk, peanut, nuts, fish and soy · In adults - peanuts, nuts, fish and shell fish More than 50% of allergic children outgrow their allergy to cow’s milk, egg and soy between 1-3 years of age. Allergy to fish and peanuts can persist longer whereas allergic reactions to fruits, vegetables in pollen allergic people tends to be permanent. Wheat hypersensitivity is found in both infants and adults and reactions are localized to the GI tract. Peanut allergy can cause anaphylactic reactions which can be dramatic and very serious. This allergy is commonly seen in atopic children. Rice allergy commonly produces symptoms of Rhinoconjunctivitis, Asthma and Contact urticaria.

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