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Allergy Rhinitis Profile (Adult)



IgE mediated Allergic rhinitis is due to the heritable atopic state as well as development of sensitivity to allergens present in the environment. It may be Seasonal (intermittent) caused due to grass, tree & weed pollens and outdoor molds or Perennial (persistent) caused by pets, housedust mites, indoor molds and cockroaches. Allergic rhinitis is more likely to occur in younger patients affecting nearly 10-15% of the population whereas Non-allergic rhinitis mainly affects adolescents and adults. Intermittent (seasonal) rhinitis eg., Hay fever is almost always caused by pollen and can be predicted in advance by means of case history and allergen specific IgE antibody testing. This helps to initiate prophylactic treatment in these patients

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  • Min cost 3630
  • Avg Cost 4675
  • Max cost 5500