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barcoding system introduction

Barcode System Based Bio-Medical Waste Management & Tracking

Central Pollution Control Board, under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India, has framed the Guidelines and Rules for Bar Code System for Effective Management of Bio-medical Waste.

All hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathology labs, medical research, or educational institutions, come under these rules, as per guidelines the biomedical waste collection, segregation, treatment, processing, and their disposal have to be done in an environment-friendly manner.

Every operator of Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) has to establish the bar code system for handling of biomedical waste.

At Jiyyo, we have developed an Android-based mobile app as a barcode solution that meets the requirement of labeling each bag with a unique number, identify the location along with date/time, and track it between source and destination. The system works on real-time data capture, avoids human intervention for data-entry, proper authentication and captures all required information. Such data is immediately available for Reports via web-portal that can be accessed by authorized users in hospitals, authorities, and related staff.

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Paste a unique barcode enabled sticker on each bag of segregated bio medical waste as per the waste category

Scan the barcode using android phone for tracking of waste from source of generation to final destination for final treatment and disposal

All information of hospital (provider), collector, weight, location, date/time and waste category is automatically updated to hospital and collector account

Data can be analyzed online and can be downloaded in excel sheet for further analysis

barcode features


  • 100% Compliant with Government Regulations
  • Each Collection's Time, GPS Location, Type & Quantity of Garbage is recorded
  • Garbage Collection Trucks' GPS Location and Distance Travelled per day visible on an interactive Map
  • Available on both Mobile App & Website
  • Daily Collected Data is viewable immediately by Clinic/Hospital/Labs, the Collector & Pollution Control Board Authorities
  • Jiyyo provides all the stickers
  • Built-in FREE Clinic/Hospital Document Management System