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November 08 at   9:04am

Per capita income in India grew 100% from the year 2000 to 2012. Impressive, right? In the same time frame, the expenditure on medical bills by an Indian family increased by more than 300% and we wonder why we aren’t getting as rich as many statistics indicate. The impact of increased costs is so much that more and more families opt not to get hospitalized, a drop from 19% to 15% in those 12 years.

Think of the patients who didn’t get hospitalized because they feared they might end up selling their homes. Frequently, this fear is caused by lack of knowledge about how much something costs at some place. For instance, cost of a Prostate Surgery can differ by a factor of 10 in the same city. A Heart Bypass Surgery price estimates vary from big to huge to astronomical numbers. A medicine may be available at 10% or 20% or sometimes even at 33% discount depending on how well you know the medical map of your region.

India is huge country growing at a very fast pace. There are 10s of thousands of Hospitals, Laboratories, 100s of thousands of Chemists. It is hard to make an optimal choice when you are already dealing with a health problem. We are creating Jiyyo!!! …. to help you make an informed decision about purchasing medical products and services.. We define it as a leash over the chaos prevalent in a rapidly growing country. Or, a technology to convert your anxiety into peace of mind. Or, as a platform where data gets converted into knowledge.

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Jiyyo Introduction : India's Way to figure out!

October 16 at   12:57pm

Do you feel it is difficult to know medicine prices while sipping Chai?

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Jiyyo Introduction : No? Try it! Yes!

October 16 at   12:57pm

Are you facing problems figuring out costs of a surgery at different hospitals?

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