Jiyyo Research - Data Collection/Analysis System

Are you a Medical Student, Researcher, Field Agent collecting Human Data?

Welcome to Jiyyo Research. Jiyyo Research is a data collection system that sits on top of Jiyyo’s elaborate Artificial Intelligence Enabled Patient Care Coordination Platform. Jiyyo Research provides a sophisticated data collection platform integrated with an EMR and Statistical Analysis Platform. You can create multiple questionnaires based on your research topic. They can either be shared directly with your patients or your (or your staff) can use Jiyyo Website or Jiyyo Care Provider App to fill in the response for each patient. Patients can use Jiyyo Lyfe Health App to fill in the questionnaire from their side, if needed.

This is especially useful for medical students, researchers and field agents working on their MD Thesis, Masters Thesis and NGO Medical projects (USAID, ICMR, WHO, etc)

DATA ANALYSIS : If you have already collected data and need analysis then login & click on contact statistician and share your problem statement with our statistician. Our statistician after looking into your problem statement will share the charges incurred, which after payment at Jiyyo website your data will be shared with statistician for analysis. You can share some pending concerns ever afterwards.


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Use Jiyyo Research for data collection in 4 easy steps


Create an account on www.jiyyo.com


Login to www.jiyyo.com and create questionnaire via web as per the given instructions below and publish your questionnaire


Download Jiyyo Care Provider App (Jiyyo Healthcare App)


Login to App or Website and add patients to fill the questionnaire per patient

Register with Jiyyo now and start your data collection

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Jiyyo Research Features

  • Create and manage multiple questionnaires securely
  • Upload Patient’s consent form or register a patient’s mobile number via OTP
  • Collect data from users as free text, numbers, dropdown, radio buttons, checkbox and date etc
  • Combine the related questions in group i.e. ‘Personal Information’ group can have all personal information related questions
  • Show/hide questions based on user response, no unnecessary question is shown to the user if not applicable
  • Fill the questionnaires from www.jiyyo.com or using Jiyyo Android apps (Jiyyo Care Provider App and Jiyyo Lyfe Health App)
  • Control the access of the questionnaire to respondents via sharing/unsharing questionnaire with relevant responders
  • Download as PDF and print your questionnaires
  • Download the collected data in excel format anytime
See the detailed documentation

Android App for responders

When a questionnaire is published, the responders can use Jiyyo Android apps to fill the questionnaires and submit the answers.

The red dot would turn to green dot when all the questionnaires are submitted for a particular patient/responder

Patient Verification is supported to maintain the authenticity of the data

The user can turn off/on patient verification. If turned on the user can verify its patients/responders through an OTP verification system to maintain authenticity of the data.

Download Jiyyo Patient App now


You own the data

  • You can quickly add all of your existing records in Jiyyo by uploading data in .xlsx file
  • You can download all your data in Ms excel format any time.
  • Your data is secured with 256 bit encryption