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Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinic

Providing healthcare where it is lacking the most... Villages.. 70% of India

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Do you want to add more specialities to your clinic?

  • Connect your patients with doctors of all specialities.
  • Reduce travel needs for your patients & save their money.
  • Make your clinic a follow-up centre for your region.
  • Provide prescriptions, medicines & labs reports at your clinic.
Jiyyo mitra e-clinic introduction

Are you a specialist wanting to increase your reach?

  • Increase your reach in the periphery.
  • Provide video consultations as per your schedule.
  • All payments are made online.
  • Build more connect in the rural clinics.

How Does Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinic Work?

Download Jiyyo App

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process step11

Create account on jiyyo

jiyyo connection
process step55

Video call starts

process step22

On single screen enter patient, select doctor & refer

process step33

Scroll down tap ‘outgoing consultations’ button

process step44

Find the outgoing tap the video icon

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Video call starts

Download The Jiyyo App Now!

The application can run on any android device.

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Contact Us to setup your Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinic today

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jiyyo mitra e-clinic benefits

Jiyyo Mitra e-Clinic Benefits

  • Create a unique identity for your medical store.
  • Build a multi-specialty clinic for yourself.
  • Jiyyo’s empaneled doctors cover all specialties.
  • Increase customer traffic to your store.
  • Additional revenue stream.
  • No investment needed.
  • Print OPD slips, prescriptions, invoices.
  • Empanel your own doctors and consult you patients with them.
  • All payments to Jiyyo are made online.
  • Empanel more Mitra Clinics and generate additional revenue.

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