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E-Referral management system for doctors

  • The E-Referral management system is an Artificial Intelligence Enabled Platform for Inter-Connecting healthcare providers.
  • It's an effective and inexpensive way to Generate, Track & Follow-Up Referral Leads from far and wide.
  • It effectively builds a seamless communication between doctors & hospital.

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Benefits of E-Referral Management System

Increase the network of doctors referring patients to you.

Better connectivity with general physicians in the periphery.

Easily setup Remote/Teleconsulting OPDs in the periphery.

Get guaranteed payments for any Remote/Teleconsulting via Jiyyo platform.

Free! AI-based tracking of no-show or lost patients.

Advance notification of emergency patient arrival.

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Feature Rich E-Referral Management System

  • Easy administration and tracking of referred patients.
  • Scalable way to communicate with many doctors simultaneously.
  • Reduce workload on PROs to increase their efficiency.
  • Reach far-off doctors by the click of a button.
  • Advanced notification to any hospital regarding emergency patient arrival.
  • Critically sick patients can be tagged for immediate attention to better utilize the golden hour.
  • Establishment of a standard communication channel between referring and receiving hospital/department on a per patient basis.
  • Back referrals of a stabilized patient in a proper communicated way.

Artificial Intelligence

Awareness of the past is important to arrive at optimal decisions in the future. There is so much information in all we do in our daily lives that a lot can be predicted, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, about ourselves. Extending this thought to Jiyyo’s ecosystem of applications and the underlying communication platform, we have engineered Jiyyo to continuously and securely analyze what our users use the most and learn patterns to provide them with an optimized app experience. Following are some of our current initiatives exploiting statistical data mining/machine learning models, otherwise known with a fancy umbrella term, Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data Analysis
  • Disease Identification
  • Automated Preference Learning
  • Patient Referrals

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