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Jiyyo Remote OPD/Telemedicine

Jiyyo Remote OPD connects patients in remote areas to a doctor via video conferencing using Jiyyo Patient Care Coordination Platform. Jiyyo is one of the leading Remote OPD Service (Telemedicine) providers in India via video conferencing.

In the presence of local health staff, the distant doctor may provide primary, specialist or super-specialist consultation based on the need of the patient and the available information


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Benefits to the Doctor

  • Provide consultations to patients at far-off clinics/nursing homes/hospitals
  • Avail online consultations for your patients
  • Bring Multiple Specialties to your clinic/nursing home/hospital
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities
  • Omnipresence! Without travelling a doctor can still consult patients in far away clinics or hospitals. This just does not save time but increases the productivity also
  • Flexible schedules are respected. Provide online consultation only when you want to
  • Greater Patient Satisfaction. Reduces travel costs for patients who don't actually need to travel for certain ailments and follow-ups

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Benefits to the Patient

Patients, living in smaller Cities/Villages, can seek consultation and second opinion from Specialist Doctors before making a trip for actual treatment

Remote OPD can bring down costs of travelling to other cities for consultation and second opinions before actual treatment starts

Saves time and money both in case of missed/rescheduled appointments

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  • Your data is secured with 256 bit encryption