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Anti-ds-DNA Antibody (Double Stranded),ELISA



Anti double stranded DNA (ds DNA) antibodies are specific for SLE observed in 40-90% of these patients with active disease. American Rheumatoid arthritis association considers the presence of ds-DNA antibody as a diagnostic criteria for SLE. These antibodies are directly involved in the disease process being deposited as DNA / Anti DNA immune complexes. This test is used for diagnosis and monitoring of SLE with high levels being associated with exacerbation of disease activity and lower levels correlating with remission. They may be raised in patients with Discoid lupus erythematosus. All SLE patients may not show elevated ds-DNA antibodies especially those at the peak of SLE exacerbation. In some cases the level may remain elevated even during the remission phase of the disease.

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  • Min cost 739
  • Avg Cost 952
  • Max cost 1120