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C3 & C4 Complement Panel



Complement proteins are components of innate immune system that activate the pathways thereby generating peptides which are necessary to clear immune complexes and generate lytic activity. C3 & C4 complement deficiencies show increased susceptibilities to infections and may play a role as an etiologic agent in the development of Autoimmune disease. Increased Levels – Acute phase response due to inflammation, trauma & tissue necrosis, Biliary obstruction & Focal glomerulosclerosis Decreased Levels – Infancy, Genetic deficiency, Acquired deficiency like Lupus nephritis, Collagen vascular diseases, severe infections, SLE, Angioedema, Autoimmune hemolytic anemia & Autoimmune nephritis

Pricing Information

  • Min cost 811
  • Avg Cost 1045
  • Max cost 1230