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Lipid Profile

Cyclosporine,Trough level (C0)



LC-MS/MS is considered the most sensitive, specific and precise technology for monitoring immunosuppressants. Therapeutic drug monitoring ( TDM) is commonly used to help maintain drug levels within the concentration range in which the drug exerts its clinical effect with minimal adverse reactions. Cyclosporine provides maintenance immunosuppression by inhibition of the activation of T lymphocytes via a multifaceted mechanism. It is slowly absorbed and reaches peak concentrations in 4-6 hours. The elimination profile of Cyclosporine is biphasic, early elimination phase with half life ranging from 3-7 hours followed by a slower elimination phase with half life ranging 18-25 hours. Maximum suppression with Cyclosporine occurs during the first 24 hours of antigen stimulation by the allograft. Thus it must be administered in the early phase of the immune response to achieve success of transplantation.

Pricing Information

  • Min cost 1524
  • Avg Cost 1963
  • Max cost 2310