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D-Dimer, (Quantitative)



D-Dimer is one of the measurable byproducts of activation of the fibrinolytic system. It assessesfibrinolytic activation and intravascular thrombosis. D-dimer assays are characteristic for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) as this test demonstrates simultaneous presence of thrombin and plasmin formation. It can also be elevated in individuals with large vessel thrombosis, soft tissue hematomas, Pulmonary embolism, recent surgery, active or recent bleeding, pregnancy, liver disease, malignancy and hypercoagulable states. D-Dimer is of particular value in excluding the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism among patients at high risk.

Pricing Information

  • Min cost 778
  • Avg Cost 1003
  • Max cost 1180