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Hep B Core Antibody-Total



Anti- HBc Total is the first antibody to appear usually 4-10 weeks after appearance of HBsAg, at the same time as clinical illness and persists for years or maybe lifetime. It is almost always present during chronic HBV infection. It detects virtually all individuals who have been previously infected with HBV. Detection of Anti HBc Total positive donors reduces incidence of post transmission Hepatitis and possibility of other viral infections like HIV due to frequency of dual infections. This antibody may be seen in 2% of routine donors without any other serological marker and with normal liver enzyme levels. This indicates recovery from subclinical HBV infections. Anti HBc Total is not protective and cannot be used to distinguish Acute from Chronic infection.

Pricing Information

  • Min cost 653
  • Avg Cost 841
  • Max cost 990