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Rapid Test for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen



Hepatitis B Virus ( HBV) is a member of the Hepadna virus family causing infections of the liver with extremely variable clinical features. Hepatitis B is transmitted primarily by body fluids especially serum and also spread effectively sexually and from mother to baby. In most individuals HBV hepatitis is self limiting, but 1-2% normal adolescents and adults develop Chronic Hepatitis. Frequency of chronic HBV infection is 5-10% in immunocompromised patients and 80% in neonates. The initial serological marker of acute infection is HBsAg which typically appears 2-3 months after infection and disappears 12-20 weeks after onset of symptoms. Persistence of HBsAg for more than six months indicates development of carrier state or Chronic liver disease

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  • Min cost 132
  • Avg Cost 170
  • Max cost 200