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Clinic Management

An active clinic experiences several dynamic situations and deals with many stakeholders: patients, receptionist, pharmacist, lab technician, periphery doctors, clinic infrastructure documents. Jiyyo’s Clinic Management System provides a one stop solution to manage all of them


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Comprehensive Clinic Management System

An effective & easy solution to manage your clinic and keep all your patients record online secured with encryption.

  • Patient Management, Appointments, SMSs, Medical Records, Billing
  • Lab, Pharmacy & IPD Management
  • Health Camps Management
  • Elaborate Patient App for Vitals Trend Detection, Early Alerting
  • At Home Patient Follow Up Module
  • Remote OPD Setup in Periphery via Video Calling
  • Clinic Infrastructure Document Management
  • Patient Referrals Management
  • Daily Reporting: Revenue
  • Post Marketing Surveillance for Prescribed Drugs

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The most complete app to manage your practice.

  • Easy to use Jiyyo Healthcare Android App to access & manage your patient data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Manage Appointments from tip of your finger
  • Connect and communicate with your patients via Jiyyo Android Apps
  • Conduct Remote OPD using Jiyyo Patient Care coordination platform
  • Call, send message, share prescription, reports with patient

Artificial Intelligence

Awareness of the past is important to arrive at optimal decisions in the future. There is so much information in all we do in our daily lives that a lot can be predicted, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, about ourselves. Extending this thought to Jiyyo’s ecosystem of applications and the underlying communication platform, we have engineered Jiyyo to continuously and securely analyze what our users use the most and learn patterns to provide them with an optimized app experience. Following are some of our current initiatives exploiting statistical data mining/machine learning models, otherwise known with a fancy umbrella term, Artificial Intelligence.

  • Data Analysis
  • Disease Identification
  • Automated Preference Learning
  • Patient Referrals

You own the data

  • You can quickly add all of your existing records in Jiyyo by uploading data in .xlsx file
  • You can download all your data in Ms excel format any time.
  • Your data is secured with 256 bit encryption