3 Common Weight Loss Myths and Facts
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Team Jiyyo | Updated: Aug 24, 2020

3 Common Weight Loss Myths and Facts

End to all weight gain issues during corona!


Often, we come across scenarios where even after tough and hard work, we are unable to reach the desired goal. The main reason being, belief in Myths and limited knowledge of facts.

To summarize: "A myth corrected is a fact known".

Especially with the outbreak of COVID-19, it becomes more emphasizing to keep track of one's weight and fat gain patterns with the new normal of work from home.

Long sitting/work schedules, restricted access to GYMs, and parks have made it mandatory to reduce weight/fat at home by keeping a necessary check at your diet.


Let's go through 3 commonly misunderstood facts/Myths :


 1. Drinking ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), Green Tea, or Lemon water and expect to magically lose weight while having poor eating habits throughout the day!


People drink Green Tea / Lemon water / Apple Cider Vinegar every morning to Lose weight. That's fine, How about 'What do you eat the whole day'? 

Any product or supplement will not do any miracle if you eat crap the whole day. Focus on getting enough Micro and Macronutrients from whole foods and stay in a calorie deficit.




2. Thinking that Eating Less / Starving will help in weight loss?


Have you ever eat LESS to lose weight but still not losing any weight/seeing any results?

While the fact is, it will only cause Negative metabolic adaptions and makes it worse to lose weight further. Also not to mention you'll gain back most of the weight the moment you get back to old habits.

It is because you're eating less for a long enough time and have negative metabolic adaptions. Eat strategically and take required Refeed/Diet breaks. Also don't stay in deficit for more than 12 weeks.




3. Avoiding Carbs/Rice will help in Weight loss?


The fact is being in CALORIE DEFICIT will help in Weight Loss!

This is my favorite one among all the problems and facts I have ever come across, "I stopped eating white rice and I am not losing weight". I don't eat carbs for weight loss. The problem is not with any specific macronutrient like Carbs or Fats, the actual problem is with your Total Food intake and energy expenditure of the day that decides whether you're in Deficit or not to lose weight.

Now that we have understood the right facts, its time for a mantra of life to achieve all fat loss goals, which is "One Step at a Time". Yes, you read it right all goals need to be divided into sub-goals and each sub-goals shall be worked upon and achieved "One Step at a Time".



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